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Mobile Security


When you sign up for mobile banking with CommunityBank of Texas, N.A., you automatically receive built-in security features.


To ensure the security of your account information, CommunityBank of Texas Mobile protects you with:

  1. Advanced encryption technology that prevents unauthorized access and guards your personal information
  2. Technology that never stores secure information on your mobile device, including check images
  3. Guarantee that no personally identifiable information is returned or asked for in text banking, such as your full account number, PIN, email, personal address, user ID, and password
  4. Truncated account numbers so that your account numbers are safe and do not appear on the screen of your mobile device
  5. Verification process that requires a unique code to confirm your mobile device phone number and associate your mobile phone number with your account
  6. Bill Payment and Transfer functions are limited for one time payments and can only be added for payees established through your traditional Online Banking.

Safety Tips

Like your computer, your mobile device needs to be protected. Help protect your personal information by being aware of the following mobile security threats:

  1. Spammers may use text messages to "phish" for your information. Do not respond to any text messages asking you to "verify" your account information.
  2. Fraudulent mobile apps may capture your personal information and transmit it to their servers. Always download apps from approved sources like your mobile service provider or mobile device manufacturer’s marketplace.
  3. Identity thieves may physically access your mobile phone when you are not watching and try to steal personal information. Use the password or PIN feature on your mobile device.
  4. Be aware of shoulder surfing while accessing mobile banking.
  5. Do not store your PIN and personal data on your mobile devices.
  6. Do not leave your mobile device idle while your mobile banking session is still active.

Get Help

If you suspect your personal information has been stolen or you see suspicious account activity immediately call CommunityBank of Texas at 1-866-427-9306 for assistance.

If your mobile device is lost or stolen:

  1. Report it immediately to your mobile carrier.
  2. Log on to CommunityBankoftx.com from your computer and edit your Mobile Settings and make any changes to the Wireless Provider and/or Phone Number.
  3. Call CommunityBank of Texas Electronic Banking Department for assistance at 1-866-427-9306.



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