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Here to Serve.

Here to serve is a commitment to building strong and honest relationships, a clarion call to remember that in everything we do, our highest purpose is to transform our extensive financial expertise into success for our clients. Relationships are the bedrock of our business and we strive every day to keep the needs of our client at the forefront of our minds at all times. We measure our performance by the success we create for others.

We are not some faceless financial institution located high above the rank and file, safely sheltered in an ivory tower. We are right here, serving the cities and communities in which we live. Day-in and day-out, we sponsor civic events, donate back to our neighbors in need, and spend the time to really get to know our clients. In the face of an increasingly digital and impersonal world, we are proudly present in the lives of our clients and our communities.

The most compelling benefit of CommunityBank of Texas - the thing that sets us apart from other financial institutions - is that our team delivers a better banking experience. In every aspect of what we do, we are motivated to seek out ways to do our jobs better. With our deep experience companywide, we have the knowledge, means and integrity to follow through on our recommendations and promises. Our word is bond. And if we can’t make something happen right out of the gate, we’ll work with our clients. Counsel them to help remove the hurdles and challenges they face. Advise them on how to put themselves in a position for success. And when they come through, we’re the first in line to congratulate them and follow through on our end of the bargain.

We are Resourceful.

Because our entire organization is stocked with deeply knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we have the capability to create solutions for our clients with a level of service and speed they may not expect from a bank.

We are Trustworthy.

Our investment in our clients’ prosperity and financial health, paired with our deep commitment to honest and transparent communication, ensures that they can trust us. That we mean what we say. We’re in it for the right reasons. And that we’ll always have their best interests in mind.

We are Friendly.

Maybe it’s because we’re from Texas. Maybe our moms just raised us right. Whatever the reason, we’re nice – and that’s a nice thing to have in a financial partner.

We are Responsive.

Every morning we wake up knowing one thing will be certain that day – in order to continue our success, we have to out-service all other financial institutions. Because if we don’t meet the needs of our clients – promptly – with a level of care and thoroughness that they deserve, then they will find someone that will.

We are Strong.

We’ve taken the best of what we’ve learned from our many years of experience and fashioned it into a way of doing business based on trust, dependability and mutual respect. We do what we promise to do. Invest wisely to protect our clients’ assets. And conduct our business in a way that gives them the peace of mind to know we’ll be a foundation that they can build their business and community on for decades to come.

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