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Debit Cards

A Business Debit Card from CommunityBank of Texas offers you the convenience and safety of making all your business purchases without cash or corporate checks.
Plus it will provide you with higher limits than those available through personal cards, the ability to keep your personal and business expenses separate, protection through Visa’s Liability Waiver Program and free auto rental insurance, travel and emergency medical assistance, extended warranty protection and more.
Call or visit one of our locations to get your Business Debit Card today!

If you need to report lost or stolen debit cards please contact us immediately by:

  1. Bank By Phone system at 1-888-715-8881
    1. press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish
    2. option 5 and follow the directions
  2. Online banking account
    1. a.choose the "Settings" tab
    2. b.choose "ATM/Debit Card"
    3. c.check the box under "Lost/Stolen" that corresponds to the correct card
  3. After-Hours a person can be reached at the Hot Card Support Center at 866-546-8273.

ATM/Debit Card Fraud Protection

We are looking out for U

In fact, we’re tracking your ATM and debit card transactions-day and night-with a high-tech, high-touch monitoring solution that protects your accounts using state of the art intelligence technology and skilled fraud experts.

If suspicious transactions are detected, a fraud specialist will attempt to contact you right away. Your card will be disabled immediately if fraud is confirmed, and if you aren’t available, your card will be assigned a special “watch” status until we know all is well.

It is hard to put a price on peace-of-mind, but luckily you don’t have to. This innovative service is absolutely FREE to CommunityBank customers.

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