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Mobile Deposit for Business Banking


Mobile Deposit is an easy and secure way to deposit your checks into your bank account, without ever having to go to the bank. With our free mobile banking app, you can simply send us a picture of your check for deposit using your smartphone or tablet. No deposit slips or trips to the bank required!

To use Mobile Deposit, you must be a CommunityBank of Texas online banking customer and have downloaded our free mobile banking app available on iTunes® or Google Play™.

Limits for Consumer Mobile DepositLimits for Small Business Mobile Deposit
  1. 3 items per day
  2. $2,000.00 per day
  3. 10 items per month
  4. $5,000.00 per month
  1. 5 items per day
  2. $5,000.00 per day
  3. 100 items per month
  4. $20,000.00 per month
  1. Checks deposited after 6:00PM will not be available until the second business day.
  2. Please keep deposited checks for 30 days before destroying.
  3. The following items cannot be deposited using Mobile Deposit Anywhere: foreign items, money orders, savings bonds, third party checks, returned or re-deposited items, rebate checks, checks requiring two signatures, checks payable to non-account holders, checks more than 6 months old.
  4. Write on the back of your checks "For Deposit Only" with your signature.

Service may be terminated at the bank’s discretion at any time or upon the occurrence of one or more of the following: duplicate deposits, excessive attempts to exceed daily/monthly limits, and excessive overdrafts, excessive return of deposited checks, account closed or dormant, customer no longer enrolled in online banking.

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Email Disclaimer

Notice: Because there is a risk that information transmitted via Internet email could fall into the wrong hands, CommunityBank of Texas, N.A. suggests that confidential information, such as account numbers or social security numbers, not be transmitted via email. Instead, please contact CommunityBank of Texas, N.A. directly at your nearest bank branch.