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Go green with E-Statements and reduce mailbox clutter. E-Statements are available through Community XPress Banking.  Sign up online and start enjoying the convenience of faster, easier and more secure bank statements. Plus, E-Statements and check images are available to view for 18 months.

How do I enroll? 

You can log into your Community XPress Banking from your computer.  Go to the E-Statement tab and enroll your account for E-Statements. E-Statements are not available in the mobile app.

 How can I change my email address?

You can change your email address under the E-Statement tab at any time.

What is security phrase?

The security phrase is intended to assure our customers that any emailed documents asking for private information have indeed originated from the ESI Website. If the security phrase does not appear within any document reporting to come from ESI do not submit any sensitive information such as User Id or Password. Please report any suspicious emails to ESI Support Personnel as soon as possible. These measures are being taken to protect our customers from a fraudulent Internet scamming method known as 'Phishing'. Phishing is a term used to describe the act of sending an email to a user falsely claiming to be a legitimate enterprise in hopes of scamming the user into surrendering sensitive information that will be used for identity theft.

The customer will receive emails from CommunityBank of Texas [obanking@communitybankoftx.com] after they have enrolled and when each month’s statement is ready to be viewed.  Their security phrase will be in the subject line of the email.

Can I set up additional recipients for E-Statements?

Yes you can set up to 3 additional recipients to receive E-Statements on your account.

 What if I deleted the email with my E-Statement?

Your E-Statements will always be available when you log onto your Community XPress banking located under the E-Statement tab; select the E-Statements and Notices link to view documents.

 I have enrolled for E-Statements why am I still receiving paper statements?

If you enrolled in the branch you must log on to complete the enrollment process.


What documents are available under the E-Statement tab?

You can enroll to receive the following documents electronically:

  • E- Statements
  • CD -Automated Renewal Notice – Term is equal to or less than one year
  • CD -Automated Renewal Notice – Term is greater than one year
  • Bounce Protection EIF NSF Notice
  • Image NSF Notice
  • Loan Billing Notice
  • Opt- in Confirmation Notice
  • Opt – in Revocation Notice
  • Sweep Transfer Notice
  • Telephone Transfer Notice


You state that E-Statements are available for 18 months, I enrolled why can’t I see the past 18 months of statements?

E-Statements are securely available online for 18 months after the date of enrollment.  If your current paper statement has check images included, then those images will be included in your E-Statement.  Both E-Statements and check images can be downloaded or printed for permanent retention. 

Cancellation of E-Statements

You may opt-out of E-Statements at any time by accessing the E-Statement tab within your Online Banking and un-checking next to the account.  If you opt-out of E-Statements, we will resume delivery of the paper statements by US mail with your next statement cycle.


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