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General Setting FAQ

How do I add additional accounts to view online?

You may send us a secure message by the link at the top right hand side of the main home screen.  Tell us what you need added and it will be completed within one business day.

Are there password requirements?

Yes there are password requirements.  Your password must between 6 – 8 characters in length and be alpha numeric.

Can I change my Access ID or do I have to use the one provided?

Yes you may change your Access ID – Access ID’s are alpha numeric and must begin with a letter.

How do I change my Password?

You can change your password at any time from within your online banking on the Settings Tab under personal settings or by the reset password option when logging in online.

Why won’t it allow me to use the reset password option?

You have to set up a question and answer under the Setting tab within your online banking account to be able to use this feature.

I am having problems with my online banking session.  Why is it making me sign in again?

Contact our Electronic Banking Department for assistance at 1-866-427-9306, below are some basic troubleshooting.

Cookies can sometimes cause problems when logging in.  Instructions on how to correct this depends on the customer’s web browser, but generally the customer can go to Tools menu and see the Internet Options.  Once in the Internet Options, you need to follow the steps to delete Cookies or Browsing History.  You will then need to close your current browser window and open a new one.  Once the cookies and/or browsing history have been deleted, try to log in again.

Check your Security Settings by going to Tools menu, Trusted sites, add our web address to the Trusted sites.  Also check to make sure you always allow pop ups from our website. 

How do I update my email address?

Go to the Settings tab – Personal Setting and change your email address.

I don’t like the way my accounts are listed, I want to be able to name them.  Can I change this? 

Go to the Settings tab – Choose Account and you may change the Account Pseudo Name on your display.

What are Alerts?

There are four types of Alerts that can be set up under the Settings Tab.

Event Alert – are to watch for account activities at Log In such as Bills Being Paid, Expiring Payments, Transfers Expiring, Bill Pay changed to Electronic, and Insufficient Funds, ect.  Event Alerts stay in effect until you delete the event.

Balance Alert – You can set a balance alert to notify you if your account is above or below an Amount to watch for.  Balance Alert’s can be set up to view at Log In and to be sent to you by email.  Balance Alert will stay in effect until you delete the event.

Item Alert – to watch for the hard posting of any transaction with an item number or check number.  Item Alerts will delete once the alert has been generated and viewed.

Personal Alert – to be reminded of any message on a specific date click on Add Personal Alert. Enter the date the alert is to be active and the text describing the alert.  Item Alerts will delete once the alert has been generated and viewed.

Can I cancel my Debit Card online?

You can cancel your debit card on your online banking 24 hours a day in the event your card becomes missing or you see unauthorized transactions.  Go to the Settings tab – Choose ATM/Debit Card and it brings up a list of cards tied to your accounts. Cancel the card in question.  You should be able to tell the card being used by the last four digits of the card number in the description of your transactions.

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is an easy and secure way to deposit your checks into your bank account, without ever having to go to the bank. With our free mobile banking app, you can simply send us a picture of your check for deposit using your smartphone or tablet. No deposit slips or trips to the bank required!

To use Mobile Deposit, you must be a CommunityBank of Texas online banking customer and have downloaded our free mobile banking app available on iTunes® or Google Play™.


Limits for Consumer RDA

Limits for Small Business RDA

  1. 3 items per day
  2. $2,000.00 per day
  3. 10 items per month
  4. $5,000.00 per month
  1. 5 items per day
  2. $5,000.00 per day
  3. 100 items per month
  4. $20,000.00 per month

Check Deposit Guidelines

  1. Checks deposited after 6:00PM will not be available until the second business day.
  2. Please keep deposited checks for 30 days before destroying.
  3. The following items cannot be deposited using U Deposit Anywhere:
    foreign items, money orders, savings bonds, third party checks, returned or re- deposited items, rebate checks, checks requiring two signatures, checks payable to non- account holders, checks more than 6 months old.
  4. Write on the back of your checks "For Deposit Only" with your signature.

Service may be terminated at the bank’s discretion at any time or upon the occurrence of one or more of the following: duplicate deposits, excessive attempts to exceed daily/monthly limits, and excessive overdrafts, excessive return of deposited checks, account closed or dormant, customer no longer enrolled in online banking.


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