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Lockbox Service & ACH

Expedite cash flow with Community Lockbox Services

Turn collection challenges into opportunities for enhanced cash flow.

Community Lockbox Services expedite collecting of accounts receivable and reducing daily workload.  CommunityBank of Texas works on your behalf to process deposits received through an assigned post office box held by the bank.  Each banking day, we collect and process all mail from this post office box and make the deposits to the account you designate.

You receive a daily electronic summary of each day’s transactions and a customized report containing just the information you need to update your accounts receivable list.
Special programming can be accomplished to provide a daily data transmission of your deposit items to automatically update your accounts receivable.

Our Lockbox system is image based allowing you to view all your deposit items and supporting documents the day of deposit via our website.

You may also receive an image CD detailing your lockbox account activity.

Convert receivables into cash faster with ACH Debit

Use ACH Collection to improve your collections and expedite funds availability for your business.  ACH Debit allows your business to debit your customers’ bank accounts.  You will know exactly which items will post on each business day and reduce the float associated with depositing checks.  In addition, you reduce depository bank fees.

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