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Construction Loans

Construction loans* include short term loans to the individual homeowner to construct their proposed new homestead or weekend home.

CommunityBank of Texas offers to the individual homeowner a short term note that is interest only monthly. The loan is a draw note and advances as work on the home progresses and is in place. A general contractor must be used and the homeowner cannot act as their own contractor. The loan to value is governed by loan dollar size.  This construction loan product requires that the permanent financing be available and verified either through CommunityBank of Texas or another financial institution/mortgage company. If you are interested in this product you may also have interest in the “one-time-close” construction-to-permanent product which is discussed under the mortgage tab.

Construction Loan Consent Form

Primary Applicant

Primary Applicant's Name is required.

Joint Applicant

If not applying for joint application, enter "N/A" in name field below.
Joint Applicant's Name is required.

Do you authorize us to pull you and your co-borrower’s credit reports in order to pre-qualify you for a loan? If so, please select “Yes” below and provide social security numbers and date of birth on the Universal Credit Application that will appear when you press SUBMIT.

If you do not authorize us to pull these credit reports, leave the radial button below on “No” and press SUBMIT after reading the remainder of this form to be directed to the Universal Credit Application.

Do you authorize us to pull you and your co-borrower's credit reports?

Before attempting to complete the Universal Credit Application, please have the following mandatory information available:

  • Consumer’s name
  • Consumer’s income
  • Consumer’s social security number
You must verify the ReCaptcha question above before you can submit the form.

If you have any additional questions, you may contact the Mortgage Division at 713.210.7653.

*Certain conditions may apply.

This application requires Acrobat Reader, Standard or Acrobat Pro. If a different PDF reader is used, the application CANNOT be submitted online. Visit to download Adobe Reader for free.

It is recommended that this application be completed using Internet Explorer with the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

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