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My NetTeller & Payment Center

My NetTeller and Payment Center provides an alternative customizable landing page.  You can choose to make this your default landing page but it will not replace any existing page within Community XPress Banking.  It provides a dashboard view of the features within Community XPress Banking all on one screen.  Payment Center provides a dashboard style view of the bill pay tab.  You must be enrolled in bill pay and have at least one payee established to use this feature.


How do I set as start page?

Select My NetTeller - Select to save the page as new landing screen upon login instead of seeing the standard account listing page. If left deselected the user must actively navigate to My NetTeller or Payment Center options to access those screens.  Important: Only one start page can be selected.  For example if My NetTeller has already been selected as the start page and then the user selects Payment Center as the start page, this new selection will trump the previous selection. 


You have the ability to configure each widget on these pages.  You can add or remove or change the order in which the widgets appear. 


You can utilize the help function on the right hand side of the page with how to questions.


My NetTeller Widgets

  • Go To
  • Messages
  • Transfer
  • Download
  • Account Balances
  • Alerts
  • My Accounts
  • Recent Transactions
  • Scheduled Transfers
  • Recent Transfers
  • Recent Payments

My Payment Center Widgets

  • Account Selector
  • Payment Calendar
  • Make Payments
  • Account Balances
  • Go To
  • Transfer
  • Recent payments
  • Outstanding payments
  • Scheduled Payments


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