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Quicken or Quickbooks

Community XPress Banking has a direct connection to the Quicken and QuickBooks software.  Search Financial Institutions for CommunityBank of Texas, N.A.  (There is no space between CommunityBank.)

Features Direct Connection

All services available from within Quicken; you don’t need to log in to your Financial institution web site


You can use One Step Update to update multiple accounts during one session


Two way communication with your financial institution ( access to transfers money and bill pay)


Download transactions are automatically matched with existing transactions and new ones are entered into register


Quicken or QuickBooks can remember your log on information (Customer ID and Password)


You must set up service within Quicken or QuickBooks even if you log into your financial website



I want to access my account through Quicken or QuickBooks.  What do I need to do?  You must have an online ID and Password for CommunityBank Xpress Banking to access your accounts through Quicken or QuickBooks.

I got my ID and temporary password, why can’t I just log into Quicken or QuickBooks?  You must log into CommunityBank Xpress Banking to set your password and accept the online agreement before you are able to access accounts through Quicken or QuickBooks

My password is stored in the password vault and it says it is invalid?  You need to log onto Xpress Banking your password may be expired. Once you update your password in Xpress banking you will need to update your password in the password vault.

If I already have a Web Connection to CommunityBank Xpress banking how to I update to Direct Connect?  You will need to select “One-Step Update” with nothing check marked, to update the financial institution directory.  Only one update can be done per day.  

Transfers – Scheduled transfers are supported in Direct Connect but you cannot set up recurring transfers.  To set a recurring transfer you must log into Xpress Banking. Transfers are not processed on Saturday and Sunday from Quicken or QuickBooks to do an immediate transfer on the weekend you must log into Xpress Banking.  Transfer cutoff for Quicken or QuickBooks is 2:00 PM CST.

U Transfers – U Transfer product is not supported in Quicken or QuickBooks

Bill Pay – One time Payments are supported but recurring and variable payments are not supported in Quicken and QuickBooks.  If you wish to set recurring or variable Bill Pay you must log into Xpress Banking.  Bill payments are subject to the cut off time frame for the bill pay company of 2 AM and 12 PM.

You cannot edit payments from within Quicken or QuickBooks after an Update Transactions has been run.  You will need to log onto Xpress Banking to make changes to pending payments.

Payees entered through Quicken or QuickBooks will default to check payment. 

Payees entered through Quicken or QuickBooks will not display on Xpress Banking payee list until a payment is made.

Payees from a customer’s previous bank or provider will not convert to Xpress Banking bill pay.

E-Statements- You must log into Xpress Banking to enroll in E Statements.

U Mobile – You must log into Xpress Banking to enroll in U Mobile.

Stop Payments – You must log into Xpress Banking to enter a stop payment.

Cancel Debit Card – You must log into Xpress Banking to cancel a debit card.


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