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Service Fee Schedule

Effective November 10, 2021


ATM - Non-CommunityBank ATM service charge


ATM/Debit card replacement fee


Bill Pay

      Charitable donations


      Electronic rush payments


      Expedited payments by check (overnight)


      Expedited payments by check (2nd day)


      Gift payments


Cash deposit handling fee (after first $11,000 per day)


Cashier's check fee


Charge Off Collection Fee


Collection Items


Early closeout fee (account closed in first 90 days)


Foreign Currency Order Fee


Government and legal actions (plus attorney fees)


Hold statement fee (per month)


Inactive account fee (per month after 6 months no activity)


Interim statement fee


Night deposit - replacement key


Non-Check21 compliant check (per check)


Notary public services (complimentary for customers)

Standard fees

Overdraft (OD) paid item fee


Overdraft (OD) return item fee $35.00

Phone/In-person transfer


Research - hourly charge


Research - photocopies (per page)


Research - CD


Returned or re-deposited items


Safe deposit boxes - Lock replacement or forced entry


Safe deposit boxes - Lost key replacement


Safe deposit boxes - Various sizes (annual rental)*


Special handling of returned deposited items (per month)


Stop payment charge


Sweep fee (per occurrence)**


Wire transfer fee - incoming


Wire transfer fee- outgoing


Wire transfer fee - international


Wire transfer special services fee (per wire)


Book Wire Fee


*Automatic debit required from CommunityBank of Texas, N.A. checking or savings account.

** Non-Treasury Services sweeps. Only for accounts that do not have Bounce Protection.

Rev. 12/21

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Email Disclaimer

Notice: Because there is a risk that information transmitted via Internet email could fall into the wrong hands, CommunityBank of Texas, N.A. suggests that confidential information, such as account numbers or social security numbers, not be transmitted via email. Instead, please contact CommunityBank of Texas, N.A. directly at your nearest bank branch.