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Make The Switch

Make the switch to local, independent banking in four easy steps: 

  1. Open a CommunityBank of Texas Checking Account       
  2. Change Your Direct Deposit       
  3. Change Automatic Payments      
  4. Close Your Old Account    

Just follow the steps below or stop by any of our convenient branches.       

1. Open a CommunityBank of Texas Checking Account — Print and fill out the New Account Information form and bring it to any CommunityBank of Texas location to open a checking account. We’ll help you open the account that’s best for you.

New Account Information Form

2. Change Your Direct Deposit — Now that you’ve opened your CommunityBank account, you’ll want to stop using your old checking account. (Be sure to leave enough money to cover any outstanding checks and automatic payments that may still need to be withdrawn.) Print and complete the Change Direct Deposit form with your new checking account number, and then give it to your employer. For Social Security, direct deposit changes may be done over the phone by calling 1.800.772.1213.

Change Your Direct Deposit Form

3. Change Automatic Payments — Transfer any automatic withdrawals from your old account to your new CommunityBank checking account. Use the Change Automatic Payment form to notify each merchant, service or organization that makes scheduled withdrawals from your account. You can also check their website as some merchants allow updates to be made online.

Change Automatic Payment Form

4. Close Your Old Account — Confirm all checks and automatic payments have cleared, and then close your old account. Print and complete the Close Account form and send to your old bank (some banks may require you to use their form).

Close Your Old Account Form

Print this checklist of companies you may need to contact with your new account number is provided for your convenience.    

New Account Checklist Form

Congratulations! You’ve just made the switch to local, independent banking.

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