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Sweep Investment Account

Maximize your earnings automatically with a Community Sweep Investment Account

Turn assets into cash faster.

A Sweep Investment Account can ensure your money works harder for you.  Instead of sitting idle in a non-interest bearing checking account, your business dollars work to turn assets into additional cash.  You maintain full liquidity while maximizing your investment income.

Excess daily collected balances are invested based on a predetermined target balance according to your direction.  Funds are automatically swept into an investment vehicle of your choice.  If the checking account balance falls below a certain level, cash is automatically swept out of the investment account and back into the checking account to cover your disbursements.  You receive confirmation of investment activity and monthly statements of all activity.

These accounts provide the benefit of an investment account with next day availability of funds.  The choice of investment and target balance are yours.

*Not FDIC Insured.  May lose value.  No bank guarantee.

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