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View Transaction History

How long can I view transactions online?

Your transactions screen will allow you to view up to 30 days worth of transaction history. You can choose the search feature and go back for up to 90 days of transaction history.


Transactions are sorted in date order, most recent are first.  Items that are listed for current date are out of the available balance but not yet hard posted to your account until nightly processing.  View defaults to 15 days.  You can change View Range to: Since last statement, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days within the transaction screen.  To change this permanently you go to settings/display/transactions to default your settings.


Can I change the way my online transactions are sorted?

Yes you can change the way transactions are sorted for a one time viewing.  Meaning when you log out and log back in it will default back to the date order.  You can change this by clicking on the word in the red bar.  This will resort by either Ref/Check no, Description, Debit or Credit.


How can I view images of checks and deposits?

If a paper check or deposit was posted you should see a blue link in the Ref/Check No filed.  You can view the image of both front and back of check by clicking on the link.   For deposits you can view the transaction set, both deposit slip and items deposited by clicking on the link.



Pre Auth is a debit card authorization that has not yet posted.

D/C Settlement is a debit card authorization that has not yet posted.  

Trans to DDA Credit Relation is an electronic bill payment not yet posted


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